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Your club’s official annual 

We will produce, print and deliver your club’s very own bespoke club annual/book in stunning full-colour, hardback A4 size and the beauty about your club’s annual is it doesn’t cost your club a single penny! 

On the contrary, your club stands to make money! It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Opt for the traditional football annual (great for club anniversaries), the vintage look or go modern. The design depends on what your club wants and what your club requires.


For football clubs, please follow this link: >>>

A fantastic keepsake for life

Your club’s annual is bespoke and unique to your club. Our team have years of experience in football writing, and our graphics and design team have worked for some of the biggest publications on the market.

Enjoy your club’s official annual that will make you and your club look like a professional.

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Your reputation is our priority, crafting a narrative of trust and excellence for your brand.


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Club Annuals produce high-quality hardcover A4 books for clubs and organizations. Originally developed from the football world; we have produced books for rugby clubs, dog clubs and businesses/organizations. If you are a club or organization, we’ve got you covered.



How do we do it

We do this by producing your club’s very own hardback, glossy-coloured annual packed with your members’ photos and information, action photos, articles, stories, interviews, sponsor ads and everything else you’d expect in a football/club annual.

Our services

Want to kickstart your book?

Embark on the journey to turn your club’s/organization’s information into high-quality book form. Packed with photos, interviews, spotlights and features, your book will surely raise its profile and extra funds.

For football clubs, please follow this link: >>>

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