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Pre-order Mark Holmes Academy book

Dear parent/guardian, you are about to purchase the official hardback full-colour annual of the Mark Holmes Football Academy. The book is currently in production status – meaning it is almost ready for printing and shipping. What we need before going to print are two things: (1) your child’s profile/spotlight photo which you have already supplied on the previous page and (2) your pre-order of the book.  Please make sure you have provided your email address so we can supply you with updates about the printing and delivery schedule and your phone number. Please also make sure you have provided a photo of your child in the largest format possible. Direct from your smartphone should be sufficient. Please also note you are paying for your book and your name as a sponsor which will be displayed at the bottom of your child’s photo. Your book will be delivered to your club’s address for distribution so no delivery charge is required.

Pre-order your book as a sponsor 

Pre-order your book without being a sponsor

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