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Club Annuals - Raising Money For Your Club

Our company

After an initial pilot scheme was launched involving several tens of clubs, it quickly became clear there was both a need and a capitalization to helping clubs raise funds.

As our team come from the sports and printing background it was a no-brainer to put both together to form Club Annuals.

Our story was born from Club Books to then soon after the company was acquired by Plan4 Media.

The rest, as they say, is history.

This has to be the best way to raise your club some much-needed funds and raise the profile of your club. With our experience in both the sporting world and the printing/media business; we thoroughly believe our product is second to none. 

Sign up today end let us help your club!

Club Annuals - Raising Money For Your Club

We thoroughly believe that our fund-raising strategy combined with our unique end product is unbeatable. We give your club – no matter how large or small – that professional look and feel that you will be proud of. What’s amazing about your club’s annual is they don’t cost your club a single penny! 


Simply sign up

Sign up to receive your unique password and login details. Your club will be allocated access to your very own private page. Once inside, you will be able to see the progress of your club’s annual in real-time. Sign up TODAY! to learn more >>>


Supply content

Club members, parents and guardians will also be allocated a special login where they can upload photos and small info about their star player/member. Once info is supplied and satisfactory, we go straight to print.


The funds

This is where the magic happens. Together with the delivery of your club’s annuals, you will receive funds paid into your club’s bank account; earning money and a beautiful product keepsake for life. 

Club Annuals - Raising Money For Your Club

Is your club having its anniversary?

We produce stunning annuals that take you through the years.

Commemorate your club’s anniversary with your club’s very own, custom-designed hardback annual. 

Contact us and let Club Annuals know about your up-and-coming anniversary.

Find out more here >>>

Your club can earn even more money via individual sponsorship.