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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What size of book will our club receive? And what is the quality like?

A: All of our books that we print for clubs are hardback A4 size, and the quality is supreme. All the inner pages are high-sheen and the hardback case (front cover, back cover and spine) are high-gloss laminate.

Q: How many pages will our club book be?

A: There is no maximum page count requirement, but we do have an average minimum page count of 80-100 pages. This means your book is chunky, weighty, and full of value. What you won’t receive is a low page count book. Books with low page counts are not worth printing. You want your club to have a nice thick annual full of valuable content.

Q: How long does the whole process take before we see our book?

A: On average, our turnaround is approximately 21 days. This depends on how quickly clubs provide information for their book/annual.

Q: How much money will our club earn?

A: This depends on a couple of things. (1) How many books have been sold, and (2) How many adverts appear in your book?

Q: What type of clubs do you produce annuals for?

A: From grassroots football, academies, youth teams, amateur clubs, semi-professional and professional clubs. 

More questions coming shortly…

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