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Fortune Works Welcome

The Club Annuals Team are delighted to have the chance to work with Fortune Works.

How we will work together with you
By the time you read this small introduction, you will already have your own private page that is dedicated and exclusive to Fortune Works. Inside your private page, you can upload files, retrieve files, download information, collaborate and view the status of your book’s journey as we head towards print day.

Announcing your book news to your audience
The first step is to announce it to your club members, families, partners, and any other parties connected to Fortune Works. Some clubs have an internal connection to their members via database, newsletter, WhatsApp etc and some clubs prefer to use social media to communicate (Facebook being the most popular).

It has been established that 79% of people are more likely to buy a product after being introduced to it on social media. That’s a staggering number that may come as a surprise. Again, Facebook is the most popular. It’s no secret, therefore, that we try to encourage utilizing the club’s social media platforms to garner interest and excitement about your forthcoming book.

It is really important to drive sales through all your social media platforms. This keeps the book project fresh and in everyone’s mind and allows sales to be made daily. It keeps families excited as they anticipate the finished product. On seeing regular posts, they hopefully will tell their other family members and the more you push, the more you will sell. 

Here’s a guide to achieving maximum potential
Start with a social media post telling your audience that you are having your organization’s book published. The news is bound to spark instant interest, and even more so when family members know their loved ones will be featured in the book.

The collaboration
The family members and interested parties might want to know who we are. It’s often good when posting to tag @clubannuals. This will allow everyone to get to know who is behind the publication of your book.

There is no doubt regular posting about your book keeps the kettle boiling and maintains interest. Tagging is very important and a great tool to achieve maximum potential.

When you post a video, text, or image, the best way to get results is to type @everyone or type @followers. However, DO NOT type WITHIN your post. The best way is to post your post and then type @everyone or @followers in the COMMENTS SECTION. Your followers will receive a notification that they are mentioned in your post (unless they have notifications turned off). @clubannuals will receive a notification, and it’s very important to @tag any other organizations and clubs you have connections to. This will show your fellow peers and associates about your book, and it also helps generate potential interest from other clubs for Club Annuals.

Hashtags work quite differently and can be typed directly into your posts and NOT in the comments section.

From experience, we have worked with clubs who knew the importance of pre-promotion and regular engaging updates about their book and took action that achieved positive results. Some other clubs were not so active and didn’t really grasp its importance and, therefore, were not as successful. 

What to say about your book to your audience
Your book will be an A4 size hardback book. It is full-colour (and black & white for other photos). The book will highlight and feature the great work carried out by the service users by way of articles, photos, blurbs, descriptions, products, etc. The idea behind the book is to generate revenue at the same time as having a keepsake for life.

Posting regularly is a no-brainer. Club Annuals will provide updates so you can inform your audience. Those updates, for example, will comprise of the following:

“Our book is at the editing department.”
“Our book photos are currently being finalized.”
“Our publisher has just sent us some sample pages of our book,” et cetera.

Little updates like these will go a long way on the road to success. We will provide these.

Good luck! Until the next update.

Mairi Allan
Marketing & Fundraising Manager